Attorney General Mark Herring thanks sheriff's office at Newport News ceremony


Source - The Daily Press

At a Monday night ceremony recognizing members of the Newport News Sheriff's Office, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged that a career in law enforcement can be dangerous, thanking them for putting their lives on the line.

"Each of you felt a special calling and responsibility to make your community safer," Herring said.

The ceremony, held at the Downing­Gross Cultural Arts Center, recognized those in the sheriff's office who have received promotions during the last year, as well as those who received other awards.

Twenty ­six people in the sheriff's office were promoted to ranks from master deputy all the way to major.

Herring, who marked his one­year anniversary as the state's attorney general Monday, said his office is working closely with local agencies such as the Newport News Sheriff's Office on statewide issues including heroin and drug­ related deaths, local investigations like a 2008 homicide in Newport News involving gang members and programs to help ex­prisoners re­enter the workforce.

Herring said he would like to place a special emphasis on providing services for female inmates, who he said tend to be overlooked in other efforts to transition inmates into the workforce.

Before Herring addressed the crowd, Sheriff Gabe Morgan praised the attorney general for his work in efforts at prisoner re­entry, a cause Morgan has also been passionate about.

In his remarks, Morgan presented Herring with a Newport News Sheriff's Office mug with a bottle of water inside for the anniversary and teased Herring about a rule enacted last year that puts a $100 cap on gifts for top state leaders.

"I know you have a very strict policy," Morgan said. "After you drink the water, you can hang on to that cup."

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