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Undermining our Democracy

Mark Herring among Virginia leaders concerned over anti-Muslim rhetoric

Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring called for a change in tone in a recent posting on Facebook after visiting a Northern Virginia mosque in his former state Senate district.

Op-Ed: Simple choices on gun safety

When it comes to the dangerous and often deadly intersection of guns and domestic violence, the question is very simple: Do you stand with the victims of domestic violence, or do you stand with domestic abusers?

Why I'm Running For Reelection

Our future progress as a Commonwealth requires an attorney general who is fiercely and fearlessly committed to promoting justice, equality and opportunity for all Virginians. For that reason, I plan to run for reelection as attorney general.

Attorney General Herring successful in defending healthcare financial assistance

Today, in unanimously affirming the lower court’s decision in King v. Sebelius, now King v. Burwell, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s position that Virginians are eligible for financial assistance to help them afford insurance purchased through the federally-operated exchange.

A sweet victory for Sweet Briar

The school is not out of the woods yet. The advocates have only a short time to raise a tall stack of money. Given what they’ve achieved so far, however, it would be foolish to underestimate their chances. Both they and Herring deserve a round of applause for rescuing an institution others had given up on and showing that, as Calvin Coolidge once said, nothing can take the place of persistence.

Virginia Task Force Lays Out Plan To Remove Barriers From Reporting Campus Sexual Assault

On the same day Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) received the report from Attorney General Mark Herring (D), the governor also signed two pieces of campus sexual assault legislation into law. Put together, these efforts are the biggest undertaking yet by the state on an issue where students have said for years that universities are dropping the ball.

Herring: Virginia Attorney General’s Office Aims To Help State Residents

Virginia’s attorney general’s office has had a new focus over the past 16 months, its current occupant said Saturday night: using the law to help all state residents.

Va. attorney general gives abortion rights advocates a boost

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) ­sided Monday with abortion rights advocates seeking to free clinics from strict, hospital-style building standards, issuing a legal opinion that reopened debate on the polarizing issue.

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